Improving Shipping Procedures

A few months ago, I started thinking carefully about why our business wasn't making more money. It just seemed like no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't turn a profit. Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested evaluating our shipping procedures. It didn't seem like the logical decision at the time, but since he was a successful business owner, I decided to listen to his advice. After carefully evaluating things, I realized that we really did have a few lags in our system. We went through and carefully reconfigured a few things, and it was amazing to see how much of a difference our changes made. Within a few weeks, we were able to speed things up and reduce lost packages. Read this blog to learn more.

Starting A Business? Tips To Help You Find Cheap Shipping Materials


If you are starting a business where you will be sending products to customers, you're going to need a lot of shipping materials. Boxes, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap don't often come cheap, and if you're just breaking into the industry, it's essential for you to keep costs as low as possible. Instead of focusing on purchasing at retail, or even wholesale, prices, find out what you can do to get the shipping materials you need at the best possible prices.

Online Auctions Have Rare Finds

Although it might seem a bit strange, you can actually find some great deals on shipping materials by checking out virtual auctions. People who just want to get rid of the excess boxes and other packing products that are cluttering up their space post these items at terrific prices that are much lower than what you would normally expect to find. 

The key to getting the most affordable prices on auction sites is to look for local sellers. People in your nearby community who want to unload their shipping materials might list the products for free or little of nothing as long as you're able to bring a truck or large vehicle and pick up the pieces on your own. It's a win for both parties because the seller doesn't have to pay for shipping expenses, and you can sometimes get the items on the very same day that you bid on them.

Make Yourself Known to Local Businesses

You can save a lot of money on shipping materials just by opening your eyes to the world around you. Many of the convenience and retail stores in your city typically receive boxes shipments on a weekly or even daily basis. Many of those boxes are either thrown away or perhaps recycled for other uses. If you're willing to make your presence known to the decision-makers at some of these businesses, you just might be able to convince them to let you take the boxes off of their hands.

Isolate a few local businesses and make a plan. Have business cards made up, and ask to speak with a manager. Introduce yourself, leave a card, and ask if you can pick up any unused boxes and other packing supplies after they've been emptied. 

Don't think that you have to spend an arm and a leg on shipping materials. Follow these suggestions and you should quickly have everything you need at a great price point.

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4 September 2018