Improving Shipping Procedures

A few months ago, I started thinking carefully about why our business wasn't making more money. It just seemed like no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't turn a profit. Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested evaluating our shipping procedures. It didn't seem like the logical decision at the time, but since he was a successful business owner, I decided to listen to his advice. After carefully evaluating things, I realized that we really did have a few lags in our system. We went through and carefully reconfigured a few things, and it was amazing to see how much of a difference our changes made. Within a few weeks, we were able to speed things up and reduce lost packages. Read this blog to learn more.

The Benefits Of Working With A Freight Broker When Moving


If you are preparing to move long distance, you may be looking for a way to have your  belongings transported. Many people are turning to freight haulers to help them move their goods, rather than moving companies. Unlike moving companies, you can rent space on the truck based on the amount of space you use, rather than needing to rent an entire moving truck when you may not use that much space. When you are looking to work with freight haulers, you can work with the hauler yourself or you can work with a freight broker. A freight broker basically negotiates with the freight haulers on your behalf to get your stuff on their trucks and out to you. If you are considering doing this, learning the benefits may help you determine if it is best for you. Here are a few of the benefits of working with a freight broker when moving. 

A Freight Broker Can Prevent You From Sitting on the Phone With Companies

If you are looking to hire a freight hauling company yourself, you will spend a lot of time on the phone calling freight hauling companies. You will need to get quotes from them, find out when they can ship your belongings and figure out their hauling schedule. It can be time consuming, especially in the early stages when you are comparing prices among many different companies. A freight broker does all of this for you, helping to free up more of your time. 

A Freight Broker Can Find You The Company Headed Your Way Soonest

Another benefit to hiring a freight brokerage company is that they can find the freight hauler who will be in your area to load your goods and unload them based on your moving schedule. One of the downsides to using a freight hauler over a mover is that you have to coordinate with a hauler for everything to align. When you hire a mover, the mover bases their schedule around yours, but a hauler has other customers so can't. A freight broker is familiar with the hauling schedules of different companies and can find the one that best meets your date requirements. 

A Freight Broker Can Help Negotiate a Fair Price

Many people think that they will pay more when hiring a freight broker, rather than hiring the hauler directly themselves. This is because a freight broker does charge a fee for their service. However, a freight broker can help you negotiate a fair price for the service. You may be unaware of how much you should really be paying for the hauler to haul your goods, and you may wind up spending more than a freight broker could negotiate on your behalf. A freight broker does this for a living and knows how to get you the best prices. 

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive movers for your move, using a freight hauling company may be a great resource. However, finding the right freight hauler can be a lot of work. A freight brokerage company does the work for you, allowing you to sit back and prepare for your move. For more information, contact companies like First Star Logistics.


2 August 2017